Opening up to others

Discover others... discover yourself!

Starter seminar, Music’ Week, Business Game, 24 hours of creativeness... Here are a few examples the different events proposed by the Groupe ESC Troyes. All this will be in cooperation with the students from our other programs. This is what to expect when you join our Bachelor Tourism Management at the Ecole Supérieure de Tourisme!

Team work

Because having an expertise in tourism is essential to build a professional career, having the ability to cooperate with others is equally essential.

That’s why we decided to gather students from the Bachelor Tourism Management with students from BBA-ESC troyes and from the Ecole Supérieure de Design through common courses and projects. 

Learn from each others

Of course, 100% of the courses won’t be joint work. Each program will have its specific courses linked to their own sectors. But what really matters is somewhere else. What’s important is to exchange, what’s important is collective building. These moments are there to give you the opportunity to open up to others, to fully develop learning from others through a game of discovery from other disciplines.