How to join? - Bachelor in Tourism



The exam to join the Bachelor in Tourism of our Ecole Supérieure de Tourisme in 1st, 2nd year and 3rd year is an internal examination taken within our group.

Year 1 entry

I obtained a baccalauréat (or A-Level or foreign equivalent), I need to pass the internal examination of the Groupe ESC Troyes.

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Year 3 entry

 I successfully passed 2 years of University or BA, BS/B.Sc, I need to pass the internal examination.

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Inscription fees 2017/2018

• Current fees for european students: 6,200 € per year
• Current fees for non-european students: 7,200 € per year

For students outside of the European Union, additional fees may apply according to the chosen partner university during year 2.